• Akshay Sawant

How to grow Followers on Instagram?

Easy steps to grow Followers on Instagram

  • Step 1 : Optimize your instagram username i.e create username which would be easy to remember. The shorter,the better.

  • Step 2 : Add your profile name. Use your niche keywords in order to appear in the search results.

  • Step 3 : Your logo or profile picture should fit comfortably inside the instagram profile picture area.

  • Step 4 : Set up a Business account.

  • Step 5 : Optimize your Instagram Bio i.e use emojis and some hashtags in your profile biography.

  • Step 6 : Improve your feed layout as it play a significant role in increasing your followers e.g you can create a Puzzle, Feed or Tilesfeed or ChessFeed Instagram Layout.

  • Step 7 : Choose the right Hashtags,you may appear in the Explore Page, or rank in those hashtags.

  • Step 8 : Collaborating with other accounts having same niche. You can do shoutout for each other.

  • Step 9 : Post consistently to grow your page and keep your audience entertained and engaged.

  • Step 10 : Learn from Instagram Stats. It's very important to constantly check your insights and learn from them.

  • Step 11 : Post Instagram stories every 3 hours for the best results. It will drive more traffic to the post.

  • Step 12 : Geo Tagging your posts and stories. If you add your location in your post or stories, you will get some extra exposure.

  • Step 13 : Grow organically by commenting. Comment on several posts from the same niche. No matter the followers they have. The bigger the amount of followers, the better.

  • Step 14 : Promote your instagram on other social platforms like facebook,twitter and so on.

  • Step 15 : Run Instagram Ads. Create a feed or story ad propoting your instagram account. Reach people who matter most to you.

  • Step 16 : Use video in your content. By creating videos you can easily pass your marketing message more effectively.

  • Step 17 : Go on Instagram live, it helps other people to get more engagement and visibility.

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