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How to Make Money from Instagram?

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

Making money on instagram is really a very good challenge. Instagram has monthly

approx 1 billion monthly users & its growing rapidly day by day. A lot of people are just waiting for you to know about you.

So here are some of the tips to earn money through instagram.

Decide first are you willing to work as Influencer, Affiliate marketer or Entrepreneur.

Influencer posts the content sponsored by brands.

Affiliate marketer sell other people's product.

Entrepreneur sell your own products.

After that your main goal should be to attract brand,build a relationship with initial user like you & keeping your audience engaged by posting 2 or 3 posts daily.

Let me tell you the steps to start as an Instagram Influencer.

Step 1 : Choose a niche

Brand will be comparing your audience to their target market. As 50 percent of brands have proper connection with their audience.

Step 2 : Build trust & grow your audience

50 percent of the influencers have 10k followers. So if you are reading this don't panic.

Step 3: Partner with brands

Contact the brand and tell them what you can offer and tell your approch.

Also there are influencer marketing platform like Famebit,Upfluence are good place to start.

Let me tell you the steps to start as an Affiliate Marketer.

You will make money when your followers will buy the product from the link which you have given. Best part is you don't need to worry about producing the product or fulfilling orders.

Step 1 : Give product reviews

Affiliate marketers strategies are often to give product reviews.

Step 2 : Affiliate with a brand directly

Amazon Associates provide you the affiliate link which you have to use in blogs, Email, Instagram post and thats how you can affiliate the product.

Note : As an influencers and affiliate marketing falls under FTC and ASA rules, so be clear about the nature of your relationship with the product.

Let me tell you the steps to start as an Entrepreneur.

Turn your audience into your customers and start selling your own products on Instagram.

Step 1 : Switch your account to business profile.

Only business profile can sell products through instagram.

Step 2 : Setup your product catalog on Facebook with Shopify and that products in your catalog you will be able to tag in your instagram post & stories.

Step 3 : Wait for your account to be reviewed by Instagram and approved for shopping

Step 4 : Turn on Shopping features in your account

Step 5 : Don’t buy fake followers

Step 6 : Use Instagram tools to save time

Step 7 : Promote yourself on other channels

Now you are ready to earn money on Instagram.

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